I am pleased to offer a series of workshops focused on the application of artistic elements to photography. Through these workshops I seek to share my experience in creating photography with vision and in producing photographs as art. My focus will not be on the camera; I will assume that those taking my classes already know their cameras as tools. My focus will rather be on helping the photographer pull expression out of themselves and using classic composition elements to create unique works of art. Workshops are held at Raye’s Gallery at Ruxton Creek or for street photography at designated sites in the area. Students will be pushed to participate actively and complete rigorous photo assignments between work sessions.

Street Photography: story telling through the lens

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This workshop focuses on the application of compositional principles to street photography, a critical element in creating art.

Street photography involves anticipation and patience. The photographer does not have the option to move subjects around as they would in a studio. He or she must wait for the subject to take the the most suitable position within the frame. In this workshop, you will practice composing images and applying elements of composition within those images to accomplish your art objective. You will develop skills which will help you differentiate your street photography from snapshots and help you communicate stories and emotions through your art. Through these creative tools, you will start to develop your photographic style.

Workshop sessions will take place at designated photo shoot sites in the Pikes Peak area. Each session will start with the photo aims of the shoot. We will explore work of past and present street photographers. You will then be sent off for several hours with a partner to capture images, applying the skills and approaches discussed. In the periods between workshop sessions you will be expected to continue practicing with your camera and selecting a few images for display and critique at the next session. Learning to critique work and accept critique can be one of the most powerful learning tools in photography.

Fine art photography: create your Personal Project

This workshop is aimed at photographers who want to develop their artistic sensitivity and explore fine art photography.

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During the workshop, students will study photographic narrative, concept, style and purpose of their personal work. Students will analyze their images and will review new trends in contemporary photography without forgetting about the great photography masters.

During workshop sessions, participants will learn how to create an artistic series of photographs from conception to exhibition. Students also will learn about different printing processes, including what photography paper is best suited to the intended purpose and what framing to choose. Participants will develop a personal project during the workshop.

The workshop will be conducted indoors. Students should bring selected images to each session for critique.

Students can expect to:

•   Evaluate, critique and describe the value of their work and how to translate this value to others

•   Learn how to present a portfolio to a gallery

 Course requirements

Participants are to bring a camera and are expected to know the digital work flow 

Suitable for intermediate and advanced levels of photographers